As you spend hours on end developing your bowling technique, the upkeep of your bowling ball is integral to that equation. In fact, at Westminster Bowling Supply, we believe it’s crucial to your game. Why? A large part of choosing the ideal ball, to match your technique, is the gripping characteristic of the ball. Whether you’re using a plastic or resin-urethane ball, things like scratches or residual solids alter the ball and your game.

There are some proven methods that we’ll highlight later that will absolutely help with the upkeep of your bags and shoes. Even if you may not be in the ranks of the professionals, you should be cognizant of how to care for your bowling equipment.

How to take care of your bowling ball

It’s no industry secret that the bowling ball itself is key to your game. It’s important to polish your ball and clean it with an absorbent towel to take off any built up dirt, wax and oil that could affect its grip on the lane. After you’ve left the lanes, be sure to store your bowling ball in an area that’s neither too cold nor too hot, as frigid cold and excessive heat can negatively affect your ball AND your scores. Leaving your bowling ball in your vehicle during hot summer hours can lead to cracking and core separation.

Bowling ball inspections are important – Here’s why

You really should examine your bowling ball after every game. Look for small scratches, because these will alter your game. At Westminster Bowling Supply, we recommend having your ball serviced regularly. We can give you some assistance to surface treat any scratches. Typically, bowling balls require resurfacing after between sixty to eighty games, which should be accomplished using a ball spinner so the surface remains uniform. Deep scratches are normally sanded down with 220 or 320 grit sandpaper followed by 400 and 600 grit. Be sure to polish your ball after it’s been sanded.

Bowling tip of the day: Please don’t allow your bowling ball to drop on the ground. It is damaging to the bowling lanes and can result in a cracked or irreparable bowling ball.

Enhance your game by investing in bowling shoes

Just as the grip on your bowling ball affects your score, the shoes you wear affect your grip on the lane. Please check and clean your shoes every game, to make sure there’s nothing sticking to the soles which could cause you to trip or slip on your delivery. At Westminster Bowling Supply, we recommend to never wear your street shoes to bowl. They’re not designed for bowling and they can drag in dirt and other debris to the lanes. If you’re considering turning pro, take a look at our selection of professional bowling shoes. These can be either left footed or right footed with more friction on one shoe than the other.

Cleaning solutions to steer clear of

Always keep your gloves, shoes, wrist straps and bowling bag clean and ready to use. Soap and water or a diluted detergent are normally sufficient. Never use Windex to clean your bowling ball. 

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