Choosing the Ideal Bowling Ball

choosing the ideal ballAt Westminster Bowling Supply, we know firsthand that bowling with the ideal ball will improve both your consistency and your scores. If you’re a beginner, finding that ideal ball can unfortunately be a tough undertaking.

One rule of thumb in the industry is that your ball should be approximately ten percent of your body weight, up to the maximum of sixteen pounds. Below, Westminster Bowling Supply discusses how to choose the ideal bowling ball.  [Read more…]

The Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts) of Bowling

dos and dontBowling, like several other sports, has a set of rules and guidelines (i.e. etiquette) that have been set for new and experienced bowlers to follow.

While we at Westminster Bowling Supply enjoy the game of bowling and know these rules of etiquette by heart, we thought it would a benefit our customers if we shared  the top do’s and don’ts of bowling sportsmanship. [Read more…]

How to Curve Your Bowling Ball

how to curveAt Westminster Bowling Supply, we receive questions daily regarding bowling techniques. Today, we would like to discuss how to perform the curve technique while bowling. See below for our strategy, that when performed correctly, will master a wicked curve. First, the key to making your bowling ball curve starts with the ball itself. If it doesn’t catch any friction on the lanes, that curve will most likely not happen, even with the ideal grip, visualization, swing, release and follow through. [Read more…]